Unicorn Development Tour 2019

Unicorn Development Tour 2019 in Hildesheim

The PDC Unicorn Development Tour will enable players aged from 16-23 to compete, with each weekend featuring four tournaments worth £10,000 a each. Players can compete from the day that they turn 16, with an upper limit of players needing to be aged 23 or under on January 2nd 2019 (So if you are not 24 on the 2nd January 2019 you are eligible).

Date: August 17/18, 2019
Venue: Halle 39, Schinkelstraße 7, 31137 Hildesheim/Germany
Entry fee: 30€ per tournament (has to be paid at the venue during the Players registration)
Entry deadline: August 16, 2019 at 2pm

The registration must be sent by e-mail with the mention of the name and date of birth of the player and the tournament he wants to play (Saturday 1, Saturday 2, Sunday 1, Sunday 2) to the PDC Europe (carsten.arlt@pdc-europe.tv).

Please note that registrations by email are only possible for the Development Tour Events in Germany. For all other tournaments you have to enter through the PDC Online Entry System. Players who have previously entered PDC tournaments could enter as normal through the PDC Online Entry System.

Entry costs £25 per event, with £10,000 per event available in prize money.
Games in Development Tour events are the best of 7 legs up to the Quarter-Finals.
Games from the Quarter-Finals will be best of 9 legs.
There are two events per day being held across 32 boards

Both PDC Unicorn Development Tour events will be staged as follows:
8am – open doors
8am – 9.30am – Registration for the day’s first event. Players entered into both events will be registered for both events on arrival.
10.30am – Start of first event
Before 12.30pm – Players competing only in the day’s second event must register by this time.
Note: The start of the second event to begin as soon as possible after the first event ends.

All players have to register personally in time at the tournament desk. All players who missed the personal registration will not take part in the draw. No exceptions are made!

Prize Fund Development Tour (per Event):
Winner £2,000
Runner – Up £1,000
Semi – Finals £500
Quarter – Finals £300
Last 16 £200
Last 32 £100
Last 64 £50
TOTAL £10,000

For Travel information please click here: PDPA Website