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The World Cup of Darts (WCoD) is a very special tournament - not compareable with other tour-events. Not only because it is broadcasted live on TV. It is the special modus which makes the WCoD so unique. In Frankfurt the players do not appear on stage alone, but with a team partner to play for their home country. It is not "Taylor vs. van Gerwen", it is "England against the Netherlands". A special treat is the double mode, with four players competing on stage at the same time. In 2010 the WCoD took place for the first time - at that time still in Newcastle. After a one-year break, the tournament came to Germany. From 2012 to 2014 to Hamburg and since 2015 the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt is home of the WCoD. So far England (4 wins) and the Netherlands (2) have shared all titles.

Prize Money
Winnerteam £25.000 per player
Runners-Up £13.000 per player
Semi-Finals £7.500 per player
Quarter-Finals £5.000 per player
2nd round £3.500 £ per player
1st round £1.500 per player
Previous Winner
Year Winner Finalist Result Venue
2016 England Niederlande 3:2 Frankfurt
2015 England Schottland 3:2 Frankfurt
2014 Niederlande England 3:0 Hamburg
2013 England Belgien 3:1 Hamburg
2012 England Australien 4:3 Hamburg
2010 Niederlande Wales 4:2 Newcastle