The Passau Darts Gala will not be able to take place as planned on July 09, 2021 due to the event regulations currently in place.

“At this point in time, the event could only take place with a maximum audience of 250 people. Not only would the event not be financially viable under these circumstances, it would not be the special darts atmosphere we want to offer the fans either,” said Werner von Moltke, chairman of PDC Europe.

“In addition, we would also have found it a great injustice to select 250 tickets out of the nearly 3000 sold, while everyone else would not be able to attend the event.”

“In interest of the ticket holders we will only announce an alternative date when it can really be predicted with certainty that the event can take place,” von Moltke continued.

All ticket holders will also be informed of the postponement by email and the tickets purchased will of course remain valid for the new date.